Agave Loco (71 Proof)

Tequila is one of those spirits that are stereotypically associated with Mexico. Hot peppers are associated in much the same way. That, I believe, is why Agave Loco Brands commissioned Mexico tequila producer La Cofradia to go forth and craft a spirit that blended both things into a cohesive spirit. When I had the chance to actually same the spirit, the first thing that hit me was the intense pepper bouquet present. Where they say that six varieties of peppers are used in the infusion of pepper oil with the tequila, this bouquet is more toward the jalapeno side than anything. This reposado goes down in a similar sharp way.

Where there are hints of tequila, what will immediately take tasters’ breaths away has to be the spicyness imbued by the peppers. I understand that this tequila has a proof (71)that gives it equal precedence when it comes to straight shooting/sipping and mixed drinks, but I am unsure where all Agave Loco could go in regards to mixed drinks. I would marry the spirit to some combination of the elements necessary to craft a bloody Mary, and I feel that a spiced-up margarita (2 parts Agave Loco, 1 part Triple Sec, and rest margarita mix) would be nice change of pace for individuals.

However, the full Agave Loco experience is provided the imbiber only if they sit down and sip the spirit, getting all of the subtle sides presented by Agave Loco. I would like to see if Agave Loco took their interesting way to spice up tequila and expanded it to the other spirits in the classic family; one can only imagine (and I salivate for) a similar vodka or gin concoction. Hopefully the sales of this spirit can go so well that Agave Loco will look to expand their line in 2009 and the years abroad. If you would like your palette rocked, I would wholeheartedly suggest picking up a bottle of Agave Loco and seeing for yourself exactly what I have been talking about.

Rating: 8.3/10

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One thought on “Agave Loco (71 Proof)”

  1. I have tasted Agave Loco in a Strawberry Margarita. The margarita was at Zocalo restaurant in Chicago, it was outstanding. The pepper flavor highlights the flavor of the strawberry by off setting the sweetness of the fruit with a distictly pepper note. It did not overpower it, but boosted the flavor to a level I had not tasted before. It’s the same as a fruit/chipotle chutney, fruit and spice living in harmony….Bueno!!

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