All Time Low – Put Up or Shut Up (CD)

It has been quite a few months since Hopeless changed emo music with their release of the first Amber Pacific EP. How would All Time Low measure up to these emo stars? “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” is how All Time Low starts out this disc, and surprisingly throws in a heavy amount of rock with their Starting Line-style of emo rock. The band’s second track of the disc, “Break Out! Break Out!” uses some of the same dense emotional content that bands that preceded them like Sunny Day Real Estate would use, and uses a soulful set of vocals that are not quite as chipper as a Rocket Summer, but are close. The use of multiple sets of vocals during the track is a nice touch that gives a drastically different sound to “Break Out! Break Out!”, almost as much as does the instrumental interludes present during the track.

It is during “The Girl’s A Straight-Up Hunter” that All Time Low go into the realm of acts like Panic At The Disco, but decide to go in a much more sedate way than Panic would ever go. There seems to be a tension between very soulful sets of vocals and a near-punk like speed achieved by the band throughout the disc. This tension forces both sides of the equation to be on the top of their game throughout. “Jasey Rae” is the first track after the mid point of the disc, and while the song is morose, it does not show that All Time Low is coasting in any way.

Sure, the band may not be breaking any new ground with this track, but they are able to chalk up another hit for their collection. The band rapidly expands their sound with “The Party Scene”, where the guitar takes a much more active role in the creation of the track’s overall sound. This is only countered by a bass line that rivals in intricacy only those put on disc by Flear. All Time Low has made it and made a name for themselves on Hopeless. While it still is up in the air whether the band is able to maintain this momentum for future recordings, this disc shows nothing in the way of flaws that may stand in front of the band. Pick up this album, give them a year, and then pick up the LP; chances are that you will not be disappointed.

Top Track: The Party Scene

Rating: 6.7/10


All Time Low – Put Up or Shut Up / 2006 Hopeless / 7 Tracks / / / Reviewed 03 August 2006

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