Allister – Before The Blackout (CD)

Everything you thought you knew about Allister should be thrown out the window. No longer just a pop punk outfit riding the coat tails of the movement, but a grown up multi dimensional band with a closet full of skeletons, in which they let pour out in their brand new release Before the Blackout. The album dishes out the tasty pop flavor of Allister that we’ve all come to know and love, mixed with some twists and cliffhangers that keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the album.

Emotionally powerful vocals are distributed among the songs by both guitarist and lead vocalist Tim Rogner, and bassist/lead and backing vox Scott Murphy. Bubble gum draped guitars are over shadowed in this album by driving chords, and notes making the disc, to me, so much more powerful then their last release Last Stop Suburbia. The songs on Before the Blackout act as a haunting testimonial to the life of lead vocalist Rogner. Going through breakups, and heavy bouts of alcoholism, the vocalist penned 14 original, heartbreaking, fist pumping, dance able tracks. The song “D2” tells tales of hopelessness, and loss as Rogner spills his guts singing “Here’s to promises that die. Here’s to all the nights we said our last goodbyes, as we burned another day off all our lives. To memories that will fade, like the photographs that scream of better days. Its all weighing on my mind.”

The song “Alotta Nerve” is textbook Allister, providing a perfect anthem for a summer sing along. Allister also tries its hand on the topic of politics in the song “Suffocation,” as a call for revolution is heard through the lyrics “We are the lives that will decide the state of desperation, divided by a sense of doubt…” Before the Blackout is chock full of old ideas mixed with new, extremely well done ideas to create a haven for every listener, making everyone hope that this youthful band of 10 years keeps pumping out good records. Before the Blackout plays extremely well the whole way through, with very few throw away tracks. Allister’s new disc can, and will be enjoyed by the (pop) punk rocker in all of us!

Rating 5.9/10

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[Jeremy L]

Before the Blackout
Drive-Thru Records

Last Stop Stardom???

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