Alone – Alone (CD)

Alone-Alone-3 song demo-rock metal with chunky guitars, and the female vocals are in the vein of Kittie or Scratching Post. The two main parts of this album are the guitars and vocals, as the bass and drums take a back seat to the excellent guitar playing. The same formula that has worked for quite a few bands such as the ones listed above, seems not in the least bit overplayed, as the songs are catchy and the guitar riffs beg to be played continuously.

If I had heard these songs on the radio, they would have fit in perfectly with the hard rock/metal radio station we have locally, as the recording is flawless. Alone has much to give to the community, since the songs are so original yet contain the catchiness of any top-grossing pop act. The singer from Alone should be likened to two other famous female vocalists of the day, of those from Bif Naked and Veruca Salt. Overall, I really want more than these three cuts, as Alone is that good. Check them out at or email them at


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