Anthem Boy – Demonstration (CD)

Anthem Boy-Demonstration- Beginning off with a very slow tempo, kinda muted indy rock that will make up drop a load in your boxers after the interlude finishes. Hard, pounding guitar riffs with barked out vocals and a very catchy tone, excellent to mosh to. Is definitely drawing influence from Hatebreed, Negative Approach, and D.R.I. Very professional, and excellent at disguising themselves. The cover of the CD that I received was all white besides the band logo. “Demonstration” and all of the song titles were all written in a very innocent font.

The beginning of the CD also furthers the notion of either of prep-punk or indy rock back. However, no one will understand how much of a departure this is from the typical CD that we get at NeuFutur, usually being Pop-Punk or Indy Rock. The songs on this CD go by incredibly quickly, as they are written at such a decent level that a listener to the CD lusts for more of this ball-rocking HardCore band. Unlike most Hardcore, all elements of a traditional rock band are equally featured, instead of just the drums and the vocalist. Email the band at, or go their website at You can also snail mail them at PO Box 1911, Noblesville, Indiana, 46061-1911, USA.


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