Artist of The Week: Angil + Hiddntracks!

Angil + Hiddntracks will release Ouliposaliva, their intelligent and charming album with a unique sound, enhanced by the back-story and theme of the recording. The concept for Ouliposaliva was formed during an after-gig conversation between Mickaël Mottet and Hiddentracks’ saxophonist Francis Bourganel: the idea of writing an entire album based on the sound of brass and woodwind instruments. “OK”, Bourganel said, “let’s do it. But don’t use the E key, as it’s always been a tough one for alto saxophonists!” No sooner said than done: Mottet started writing E-less songs, never employing the E chord in the music, or the letter E in any of the lyrics. Ouliposaliva is out January 13th, 2009 on Chemikal Underground!

Previous Press:

Consumed by sheer artistic madness, Ouliposaliva will have you flipping chaotically backwards and forwards through the booklet, whilst its metaphysical philosophy will leave you ruminating on more than just the music. Mottet deploys verbal poetry like Soul Coughing’s M. Doughty and, like Javier Bardem in ‘No Country for Old Men’; he’s almost always a step ahead of you.” – Drowned in Sound
“Few other French artists are that able to caper about various musical possibilities, from hip-hop to Charlie Haden, from indie-pop to new folk, and remain natural and credible”. – Jean Daniel Beauvallet – Les Inrockuptibles

“Ouliposaliva is wreathed with a sense of mad poetry… no doubt, Mickaël Mottet is one of the most original creative French authors today” – Marc Gourdon – MAGIC

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