Basic Paper Airplane #2

We here at NeuFutur get a decent amount of zines and other material from sources unknown. Basic Paper Airplane is another one of these zines, and thanks have to go out to Joshua James Amberson for sending out this issue. The backdrop for a number of the different pages of this half-sized zines has to do with cat’s cradle types of twine constructs, which only seems to link up with the zine in the sense that Joshua James links the present to the past a number of times during this issue.

Whether it be liking together the different generations of eir family or having a consistent piece with eir friend, artist Valerie Park. The zine stops a few pages early, with Joshua James apologizing for a lack of focus in the issue you’ve just read. The thing is that ey ties together the disparate pieces in Basic Paper Airplane quite well, touching on a small number of topics and using a tone that resonates throughout the entirety of this issue. I did not have the chance to read the first issue of Basic Paper Airplane, but this second issue shows a tremendous amount of potential, and it gives me a feeling that Joshua James will come forth with a great issue the next time around.

Rating: 7.5/10

Basic Paper Airplane #2 / $2 / :20 / 20M / PO Box 2645, Olympia, WA 98507

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