Flint – The New Harmony Sessions (CD)

“Gone Away” is a simple, impassioned track that is devious in regards to the amount of different things that are actually taking place during the track. Of course, the vocals shine through brightly, putting together hints of Jakob Dylan with Dave Matthews, but guitars play at the periphery, adding a proper ambiance to the track. Drums add a solid foundation for the track, and by the time a minute or so has passed, Flint have created a single-worthy track. “Martyrs” has the vocals continue on the same path as they did during “Gone Away”, albeit with a tinge little more John Popper added.

The slower, deliberate approach taken by Flint here allows for the piano to shine in a way not heard outside of a Billy Joel. Where a number of tracks on “The New Harmony Sessions” have a classic sound to them, Flint do a tremendous job linking this sound with a current and contemporary sound. This means that listeners of all age, of all fan bases will be able to find something that they can appreciate on “The New Harmony Sessions”. “In These Days” begins in a much more instrumental vein, at times taking on some of the sound of the neo-folk movement before the vocals ultimately kick in. The vocals do a hell of a job here, acting more in an ancillary way to the instrumentation rather than subjugating the instrumentation to the vocal’s (and vocalist’s) desires.

What results is one of “The New Harmony Sessions”’s most touching tracks. It is this track that I can see the true beauty of Flint; Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and other mainstays in the adult contemporary / Christian scene are able to be found in the beautiful vocals contained within. After listening to “The New Harmony Sessions”, I want to hear future releases by Flint, and I would give anything to see them in a live context. Here’s to hoping that the act can continue to make some more of this amazing music in the years to come, and that they can touch more people with their message with every passing day.

Top Tracks: Gone Away, In These Days

Rating: 8.6/10

Flint – The New Harmony Sessions / 2009 Self / http://www.myspace.com/flintzeigler

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