Frank Turner – Love Ire & Song (CD)

There’s something about acoustic guitars that draws former punk rockers like moths to a flame. Frank Turner, former member of Million Dead, unplugged after his band dissolved about three years ago and decided to go the route of Billy Bragg, writing lyrically smart, occasionally politically-tinged folk rock songs.

On Love Ire & Song, his second full length (he’s also released a couple of EPs and a DVD) Turner offers a fantastic collection of brilliant sing along songs that practically soar out of the speakers. Turner tackles a plethora of topics on his latest, everything from growing up (“I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous”), right wing politics and screwed up teens (“Thatcher Fucked the Kids”), sometimes cramming all the themes into one song (like the title track). Brimming with 14 tracks and clocking in at over 45 minutes, the record still manages to keep from dragging on, a feat most modern bands would be wise to learn.

From somber (“A Love Worth Keeping”) to upbeat (“Reasons Not to Be An Idiot”), he covers the spectrum with Love Ire & Song, offering a track or two for just about every mood. Turner may have a quieter sound now, but his words are still as confrontational as the punk rock he started out with.

Top Tracks: Almost too many to list, but start with “Photosynthesis,” “Substitute” and “Thatcher Fucked the Kids”

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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