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The box for Inkheart for the DS does not say too terribly much. There is a picture of Brendan Fraser holding open a book on the front cover, where the back just mentions that the game is an adaptation of the film (which itself was adapted from a book). After I got the game out and started to play it, the amount of work that Dreamcatcher put into the title really began to become visible. Inkheart for the DS is a blend of Myst and straight mystery games, ensuring that the “Everyone” rating that the ESRB gave the title is something that is pretty true – the young as well as the old really will have fun getting into this game.

The only thing that I would have to warn potential players about is the sheer amount of text that has to be read; clues are strewn throughout the discussions and monologues of each of the characters that one meets, but a quick skim through these will ensure that you will be blind, stumbling to make sense out of the different hints that one finds. However, the amount of text is broken up well through the inclusion of a number of different types of mini-games, whether it be juggling or sledding. The flow of the game, moving through different activities, ensures that players will not want to put their DS down until they tie up all loose storylines.

Despite the fact that I would not typically be interested in a movie with this type of storyline, the game play that is present in Inkheart is at such a level that I may just catch the film whenever I get a moment to watch it. If you like solid games in general, Inkheart should be the next title that you pick up for the DS; give it to your children (if you have them) when you finish it up. I don’t know if there are any sequels to the Inkheart book, but regardless, I would like to see Dreamcatcher continue on where this title left off. I am sure, after enough in the way of individuals play Inhkeart, there will be more than a fair share of people to agree with that statement.

Rating: 7.8/10

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