Jett Vodka (80 Proof)

As individuals may already know, Vodka is one of my favorite alcoholic spirits. I mean, I usually do it up in Screwdrivers, but I’ve been known to do a shot or two in my day. I was understandably excited when a bottle of Jett Vodka came to our door. As some may already know, Jett is one of the first spirits to be caffeinated, linking together the titular compound with Guarana and Ginseng to give individuals the same pick me up as throwing down a Red Bull, but without the absolutely garish taste. If you have not had the chance to taste any type of caffeinated spirit, Jett should be the first you pick up.

The high amount of distillations (5 times) and filtrations (3 times) ensures that this spirit is as smooth as all get out, something that is not immediately notices when one gets the first hints of Jett’s bouquet. Despite the spirits intense aroma, all that one needs to do to fall in love with Jett is to pour a shot out and take a few good sips. The smoothness is equivalent in quality to a Grey Goose or a Skyy 90; the French grain that is used in the creation of the spirit is undoubtedly the reason behind this. After you finish the first go around with the spirit, you will be hooked.

However, if the individual (you or someone else) is not that much of a fan of straight shots (or sipping straight vodka), what can be done is putting Jett together with vermouth for a traditional Martini, or with orange juice for the aforementioned screwdriver. The amount of mixed drinks in which Jett will shine is legion – add a little cranberry juice and one will have a fruity delight that will keep you wired into the wee hours of the night. Jett Spirits, LLC has done a hell of a job bringing vodka itself into the twenty-first century. Hopefully the plan that they are following for the next few years will ensure that a similar process will befall tequila, gin, rum – any of the traditional type of spirits.

Rating: 8.2/10

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