Knox Bronson – The Seasons (CD)

Knox Bronson makes music that operates at a level far beyond that of the typical act thrashing about in their garage. This is because, during tracks like “Summer of ‘68”, Bronson is able to create something that is more like classical compositions than the latest pop hit. Listeners will have to put in Bronson’s latest EP – “The Seasons” – and give it a number of spins before they can fully take from the release everything that Bronson had originally placed. “Summer of ‘68” is a track that requires that listeners do nothing but focus into the track – each subsequent part of the song builds upon the sound and style of earlier tracks, while adding their own important contribution to the composition.

Bronson’s music is the type that will allow listeners lucky enough to stumble upon Bronson’s Myspace or web site to expand their horizons considerably. “Summer of ‘68” may not have anything in the way of vocals, but that does not mean that there is a lack of focus or point to the song. Rather, Bronson tells volumes here, with each instrument and section of the track adding an additional page to this voluminous tome. “Winter Blue” has a more electronic feel to it, with a more insistent tone. Where compositions in this vein tend to be cold and detached from humanity, Bronson has done well to add themes of hope and humanity in this composition. In this, a sort of yin and yang, a chiaroscuro – has been reached. The disc’s final track, “The Forever Spring”, provides listeners with some sort off closure to this cycle of compositions.

However, there are movements and sections to this track that allow for Bronson to dovetail a future recording onto “The Seasons”. I would personally like to see what could still be fleshed out by Bronson, and how these subsequent recordings would expand upon the themes first broached during this disc. Listeners need only wait a few days – February 14th – to be able to purchase a copy of this EP. Listen to the excerpts on Bronson’s Myspace now and check out the “bonus” track (in reality, the original finale to the disc) – “Isle of Islay Revisited”, and buy the EP when it is released.

Top Track: Winter Blue

Rating: 8.4/10

Knox Bronson – The Seasons / 2009 Tangerine Sky / 4 Tracks /

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One thought on “Knox Bronson – The Seasons (CD)”

  1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I’ve been cruising around the web looking for some review snippets to put on my website … found a couple of really awful ones, some good ones … and then yours again! Thank you! (also for the review of Pop Down The Years last year). I’ve just released another instrumental cd “Deus Sex Machina” – these are works that pre-date “the seasons,” but you will hear where I came from and what I was working towards. Email me if you would like a link to hear the whole cd. Thanks again! -Knox

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