Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist (PC)

Most players of casual games will already know who Popcap Games are. Their flagship game is Bejeweled, and latest sales records show that over 10 million copies of the title have been sold since the title first came out. However, when it comes down to it, Popcap Games can come out with some pretty solid titles. Case in point would have to be Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist, released this month for the PC platform.

The price point for this title is very low (under $20) so that individuals that may be negatively impacted by the recession will not feel the lost funds quite as much as other “normal” priced titles. But what exactly is Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist, for those individuals that have not played any other iterations of the title? Essentially, what players do during Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist is search exhaustively through different locales to try to find different clues, until you can find out who stole the money and ensure that the casino will not go under soon after opening. If individuals think that going through and finding these clues will be a little on the tedious side, Popcap has ensured that that problem will be ameliorated through the inclusion of a number of different mini-games. For example, there is a puzzle minigame that has individuals rotate pieces until they can make a cohesive image.

The graphics are a little bit dated, but one has to remember the value point of the game as well as the fact that the graphics do not need to be bleeding-edge due to the type of the game. In fact, if the graphics were too good, too intricate, the chance that an individual could ever finish the game would decrease dramatically. Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist is a title that individuals should check out, no matter what type of video game that they are normally in love with. The title is a good time-waster, and requires that players take a decent amount of time before they can say that they have finished the title. Kudos, Popcap, on another solid title.

Rating: 7.7/10

Mystery P.I. Vegas Heist (PC) / 2009 Popcap /

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