National Lampoon’s Stoned Age (Unrated) (DVD)

National Lampoon has had a few movies that they have purchased the rights to that have fallen on their faces in the last few years, but Stoned Age is a movie that seems to right that ship. The film is set in the prehistoric age, and follows director Adam Rifkin as Ishbo, a caveman that wants to take the next step forward in development. Faced with a tribe full of individuals that are perfectly happy where they are at in terms of civilization, Isbho’s troubles only increase. While the time periods covered are considerably different between the two films, I find a lot of similarities to be had between Stoned Age and Idiocracy. Both showcase an enlightened individual that is threatened with violence when all ey wants to provide some meaningful steps forward for those ey loves. Where only a few “name” actors are present in this film (David Carradine as Rifkin’s father and Ali Later as Rifkin’s love interest), the talent brought to the film by the rest of the crew should show viewers that some of this cast may be the next big thing.

The special features that are present on this DVD are numerous, which includes featuettes about the photo shoots associated with the film for both Penthouse and Maxim, along with an electronic comic book that touches upon a few of the themes approached by the movie. Of course, there is a blooper real that multiples the comedy present on the disc considerably. Of most use for anyone that really wants to get into the minds of those associated with Stoned Age would have to be the commentary that Adam Rifkin has laid down for the film.

Other featurettes, such as the viral videos that preceded the film, are still interesting but do not have quite the value of the director’s commentary or the question and answer session that was catprued for this DVD release. While a film like Animal House is a classic, Stoned Age is a film the begins to restore some of the luster to the National Lampoon name. If you want a comedy that will have you cracking up at all points, make it a point to purchase this DVD. Beyond the hour and a half run time of the film, there are enough bonus features to ensure that viewers have tremendous bang for their buck.

Rating: 8.0/10

National Lampoon’s Stoned Age (Unrated) / 2009 Paramount /

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