NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Andrea Plamondon

Eclectic songwriter, and classically trained vocalist, Andrea Plamondon has been compared to artists as diverse as Lisa Gerrard, Grace Slick, and Pavarotti.

The Massachusetts born siren was first noticed by visiting artist Rick Brant of the N.Y.Metropolitan Opera. Although Brant told her, that at 21, she had a voice exceptional enough to land leading roles with the Met, Andrea needed time out … Her only brother,a gifted singer and graduate of Boston University, had just committed suicide.

Leaving her eastern roots behind, she wandered far and wide, hitchhiking across the, United States seven times and traveling as far north as Inuvik in the arctic circle. She finally landed in San Francisco, where in addition to fronting various underground bands, she pursued studies in Middle Eastern, Turkish, 14th century Ladino music, and opera,combining her flair for improvisation with contemporary genres like pop, rock, and experimental. With a three octave range and a chameleon like fluidity, she impresses audiences with her skill and dramatic intensity.

Since 1989 she has performed in over a third of San Francisco’s clubs and other avant garde venues, including the opening for the S.F. Burning Man Festival at the Herbst Plaza, and the S.F. Middle Eastern Festival. Her first band, ‘Pox Eclipse’, which at it’s height featured three operatic singers, received favorable press from the Bay Guardian and was offered an artist’s internship at a local independent theater.

At present Andrea is working on new music, and considering ideas for a video…

Her CD “I Still Remember (A Collection Of Songs From San Francisco’s Underground 1989-2006)”, released in February of 2008, is currently available @ and with select tracks airing on Women’s Radio, Rubyfruit Radio, Rae of Sound Live on 365, Sonic Jive, Madd Radio and other internet stations.

The album is dedicated to her brother and other loved ones who were lost so very young, and is filled with performances by talented artists, like guitarist Matthew McGee, former soloist with the Portland based metal band ‘Nicodemus’, Rob Cowan, composer for ‘Dreamstream’, South American violin virtuoso Flavia Happ, Salena Ugalde of ‘Lucid’, Andrew Carson of ‘Satyrica’, Chris Ranzo of ‘Pox Eclipse’, and others…

A percentage of all sales is donated to tiger conservation around the world via

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