NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Nadine Loren

Swiss-born singer/songwriter, Nadine Loren attributes her unique style to her upbringing in both Germany and New Zealand. A true artist, Loren combines musical genres, fusing various styles with an obvious European influence. Her highly anticipated debut album, Living in Wonderland launched Thursday, November 13th, 2008. Loren’s songs combine folk, electronic, pop and rock music elements and feature English, French and Italian lyrics that utilize operatic influences to add a quirky theatricality to her melodies.

Two of her songs, Wonderland and Look Me in the Diamonds, were recently picked up for a European compilation entitled ‘Bad Girls Don’t Cry’ also featuring Duffy, Ayo, and Amy Winehouse. “Nadine Loren has a completely original voice, and it’s not just her physical voice, which is really unusual – superb – it’s that she has something to say, and she says it”, said Ron Altbach, Pianist and Songwriter for King Harvest and The Beach Boys.

“The inter weavings in her vocal styling and the fabric of the music she has written and put together are really new and stand out from the offerings available today. Nobody thinks the way she does, and certainly nobody sings the way she does.” For more information, visit

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