NeuFutur Magazine Introduces The Smiling Strangers

The Smiling Strangers were formed in 2004 by songwriter Jeff Reynolds and are based in London and the Midlands area of the UK. Jeff had played in bands and appeared at both the Edinburgh Fringe and the Greenbelt Arts Festival but had a break from music before writing a batch of new songs that were meant to be a solo project but which quickly developed into The Smiling Strangers.

The band features Jeff on bass and guitars, Rue Randall on guitars and vocals, Lucy Winkett on guitar and vocals, Peter Moreton on piano and vocals and Pete Powers on drums. The band primarily write and perform `catchy and hook filled` three minute pop songs but also include many different styles and types of music in their eclectic live set. All of the band are accomplished musicians and writers in their own right and they bring this mix to both the live and recorded material of the `Strangers`.

The musical influences for the `Strangers` are many and varied and range from pop, rock, jazz, blues and folk music. This makes them a very original group of people and musicians. They constantly change their live sets to include their own songs and the occasional cover version, which could be very well known or totally obscure. Their live shows are usually sold out and the audience is guaranteed to have a fun and exciting time with the set list varying every time they play. Their first CD `Dangerous Times` was released in late 2004 to great reviews and their new album, `Spaces Graces and Smiling Faces` is due to be released in March 2006. The aim of the band is to consolidate their fan base throughout 2006 with the new releases and also gigs all over the UK and abroad, so its exciting times ahead for the `Strangers`! In February 2006, The Smiling Strangers were accepted to be part of the TuneTank SXSW New Generation 2006 CD with their track `Smile On Your Face`. The same track also appeared on the Australian compilation, `Sounds Like Cafe` Vol 11 which was released in May 2006.

In 2006 and 2007, The Smiling Strangers have been accepted on 13 different compilation CDs from around the world. The latest being the Canadian Violet Femmes Vol 1 and Sounds Like Cafe Vol. 19. Their new CD, “All The Way”, was released in November 2007 to great reviews.

The Smiling Strangers . . . well worth getting to know

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