Occasional Monster Looking For 5th Member

From their Myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/occasionalmonster ) : If you are or know anyone that would be game for this type of gig, contact them.

“Our keyboardist/trombonist/other-ist decided that being in a band was not for him and quit last week. So, we have a role to fill, but we want to have fun with it.

Ideally the person we’re looking for will play keys of some form, sing/harmonize, and play numerous other instruments. That said, we’d be happy to have cellist or a horn player or whatever. What do you do? Get in touch and lets talk.

We have been together for nearly 5 years, recorded one CD, written most of the next, and played out 20+ times this year. We’ve been featured on CD101’s Frontstage 101 twice, and we have been played on the radio in Indianapolis and elsewhere. While this isn’t a huge deal, I mention it to demonstrate that we’re not messing around.

We’re dedicated, be it foolhardy or not, to getting to a place where we can earn a modest living playing our music. As such, we are looking for someone who wants to do this and is driven to follow through on the work involved. (To be clear, I mean work, not musical prostitution.

We practice once per week in Somerset, Ohio, but plan to move to Columbus in February or March. We play out 3-6 times per month, and make it a point to play outside central Ohio at least once per month. We also spend time almost daily working on promotions in one form or another. It’s not all-consuming, but it is a commitment.

Get in touch. Lets talk. Thanks.
– Dan – OM”

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