Pokemon Battle Frontier Box 1 (DVD Set)

With a run time that approaches 9 hours, the Pokemon Battle Frontier collects the first half of the titular series. For those individuals that do not know where exactly Pokemon Battle Frontier fits into the whole Pokemon storyline, the events that take place during this box set are stuck right between the Advanced Battle and the Diamond and Pearl Saga. For individuals that may have not had the chance to watch Pokemon for a few years, the first thing that they will see is that the animation is much more fluid and vibrant, really matching even the newest anime shows in terms of how involved viewers can get.

Some of the elements that made Pokemon such a stellar show during its beginning years are still here; Team Rocket continues to hatch plans to steal Pokemon, while Ash is preoccupied with attempting to become the best possible person through the building up and collecting of Pokemon. Where a number of boxed sets seem to only have 12 to 18 episodes and call it a day (at a price point of $40), the Pokemon Battle Frontier incorporates a much higher episode count and gives viewers that much more in the way of bang for their buck.

The other small things that have been given viewers – such as a theme opening/closing theme – further add to the reasons that anyone that calls themselves a fan of Pokemon should search out this DVD set and eagerly devour all the action and story that is present here. Pick this set up, search out the conclusion to this set (which will be released in a few short months), and you will get one more puzzle piece in the entirety of the Pokemon mythos, all at a price that is incredibly low given the amount of show you are given.

Rating: 8.8/10

Pokemon Battle Frontier Box 1 / 2008 Viz / 520 Minutes / http://www.viz.com

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