Robbers – Flesh (CD)

“Stay Together” is a track that showcases Robbers as an act that is influenced by the rock put forth by acts like At The Drive-In and Muse. The act is musically tight; each member puts in their own contribution, with the sum result being some impressive music. Where the vocals in a band are typically intended to be the conveyors of emotion, what is common on the “Flesh” EP is the aforementioned instrumentation telling an emotionally-charged narrative. Robbers will be an act that is seen as revolutionary after a decade or so passes; their ability to break free of the constraints of what is “proper” in rock music shows a willingness to think outside the box.

In an era of cookie-cutter rock acts, the music scene needs more bands like Robbers. The band breaks down another musical convention during their “Hey There”. This track breaks ties with “Stay Together” and showcases the funky side of Robbers. While the emotion is still present in the instrumentation here, the band showcases a Bright Eyes-type of vocals with a linking of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mission Of Burma in the bass department. The entirety of the track is given a New Wave sheen, easily rocketing Robbers past acts like The Editors in sheer quality. While the endpoints of the Flesh EP are great indicators of Robbers’ talent, one needs to listen to the middle of the disc to hear Robbers expand on some of the themes described above. Of particular note during this section of the EP would have to be “Desert and Tree”.

While considerably shorter than other tracks on the EP, “Desert and Tree” shows incredible focus by Robbers. Arrangements, approaches, and nods to genres all are captured and completed in this smooth little stone, a master class in how to make a killer track. There may still be well over a month before the “Flesh” EP is released to Robbers’ rabid audience, but make it a point to check out the band’s Myspace. Listen to the tracks that they have placed there and you will be hooked as I will. Buy a physical copy of the EP when it comes out: I have a feeling that Robbers will be the next indie darling, just as soon as the right people hear what is coming out of this Long Island act.

Top Track: Hey There

Rating: 8.2/10

Robbers – Flesh / 2009 UNICRONS /

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