Ruby Rendrag – Wartime Favorites (CD)

“Not Today” is a track that really challenges what I originally had thought Ruby Rendrag would thought. A very intricate instrumental approach begins “Not Today”, before Rendrag’s own unique vocals take the fore. Hints of Amy Lee, Tori Amos, and The Breeders all unite to create a crunchy brand of rock that has more than a fair share of a pop glean present. With a strong introduction, Rendrag looks to come forth with a track that continues to establish eir as a major force in alternative rock. “Superman” is this follow-up track, and it immediately shows tremendous skill through an emotive setoff strings that ties itself up perfect with the drums and vocals.

“Superman” is a sultry track with just a hint of sorrow present, showing a mottled approach that has something for everyone. In some sense, what Rendrag does during “Superman” is create a microcosm of the varied approach present during the entirety of “Wartime Favorites”. “Nothing” is the third track on the disc, and it unites the pop approaches taken during “Not Today” with the rich and emotive strings of “Superman” to create yet another hit.

Where a number of different artists struggle to put ten tracks on their album, Rendrag places twelve different cuts on “Wartime Favorites” and does not go awry in the slightest – each of the tracks here could easily make it onto rotation. “Nothing Wrong” is one of the stand-out tracks on “Wartime Favorites” as it adds on a little bit of a down-home, new folk sound to the track. The use of differing time signatures is the last thing necessary to make a stellar track, and it will be this intricate sound that will forever be associated with Rendrag. Make it a point to go forth and pick up “Wartime Favorites” and to see Rendrag live if ey tours anywhere around you. I know that I will be keeping “Wartime Favorites” in the car for months to come.

Top Tracks: Nothing Wrong, I’m Gonna Go Crazy

Rating: 7.6/10

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