Skins Volume 1 (DVD)

Does anyone remember the MTV show from the late nineties, Undressed? If so, they will find out that there is a show that blends the hectic sex and actions of the main characters of that show with the youthful indiscretions of a movie like Thirteen. However, unlike Undressed, the characters that are present in Skins are fleshed out and are not seen really as only vessels for gratuitous sex scenes; by the end of the series, individuals will know Tony, Maxxie, Chris, and the rest of the Skins crew as if they were honestly friends with them. Where a number of teen dramas have skirted sex, drug and alcohol use in the United States, this British show takes an honest, realistic, and frank view in its portrayal.

This DVD series has a good seven hours of footage for individuals to properly introduce themselves to the series, and get their appetites heightened to the point where they will preorder the next volume in the series. The special features that are present on this volume of Skins are pretty interesting, consisting of a number of video diaries that give further insight into the series, as well as extra storylines that provide further information to viewers of the show. Just wait until later this year (hopefully), when Volume 2 (covering the 2008 series) will be released to an ever-growing fan base. When the third series of Skins is released on DVD (likely in late 2009 or early 2010), I would like to see a set of bonus features that are equally as strong as the ones that are present on this DVD set.

I believe that the ancillary storyline feature that is present on this DVD set would be absolutely essential to explain the new cast that is present on this new series, and properly give a better explanation for happenings in the Skins universe. Still, get in on the gorund floor and see what everyone is talking about when they are talking about Skins; it is one of the best teen dramas that has ever been put to film, and regardless of whether you are still in high school or if those days are well behind you, the show will speak to you.

Rating: 9.0/10

Skins Volume 1 / 2008 Warner BBC / 425 Minutes /

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