Sneering Nashville band Cactus’s has energy to spare on its new EP. Inluences range from XTC to The Pixies and Converge.

With a three man effort and enough on stage antics to blind God himself, Cactus’s self proclaimed style of tropical punk is taking Nashville and beyond by storm.

This isn’t the Cactus’s first rodeo. All three members have come from nationally touring acts and have each spent years self promoting.

Lead singer Asher Rogers rips into his guitar as if it had an affair on him. Formerly of the band The Smartest Monkeys, Asher’s scarecrow jinking and jerking make you wonder if he’s more influenced by the world of Jim Henson than the world of music.

Bassist Sam Rogers is Asher’s brother and former lead “throat” of Nashville cult metal riot “They Said We Were Ghosts”. Sam is the calmest of the lot, watching the boys with beaded eyes and a southern sneer.

Last but not least (sitting center stage we might add), is Drummer Jru Frasier, formerly of the Korean metal band Unroot, has been known to play his drums so hard they’ve had to be held together by audience members.

With influences ranging from XTC and The Pixies to Converge, Cactus’s offer an intense and lyrically smart brand of music that can apply to the musically inclined as well as the musically blind.

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