The Bloody Beetroots Rombo EP Review

The Bloody Beetroots come forth on their “Rombo” EP with Rombo, a track that links together Gabber with The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers. When there are vocals, they are ancillary and are used more for their instrumental quality rather than a narrative one. The act suffers slightly from a level of repetition during this track that is a little high, but looks to come back strong with I Lve The Bloody Beetroots. Love is a stronger track because it provides listeners with the variety that was lacking in the original track. The same dedication and driving beat that were the hallmarks of Rombo are elaborated upon, making for the EP’s first hit.

With a head full of momentum, The Bloody Beetroots rapidly move to the disc’s hump track, Butter. What will immediately hit listeners is the much more dark, almost industrial flavor to the track. Sure, the clap track and upbeat tempo of the percussion will nullify any dark feeling, but what individuals should hear is a full and intense track that is truly timeless. The last original track on the Rombo EP is Yeah Boy (the disc ends with the uncut version of I Love The Bloody Beetroots, and it adds to the palette that the Beetroots can draw from.

The eighties sound of the track show the band’s Daft Punk and Justice influences, while the slower, more deliberate feel of the track is purely Trans-rombo-epera Neil Young at its finest. As a general rule, I typically stay away from electronic music, but The Bloody Beetroots will be a special exception. Make it a point to go and pick up this EP and any further LPs that they may release.

Top Track: Butter

Rating: 8.2/10

The Bloody Beetroots Rombo EP Review / 2008 Dim Mak / 5 Tracks / /

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