The Day The Earth Stopped (DVD)

The Day The Earth Stopped is an intense film that showcases two friends (played here by Judd Nelson and C. Thomas Howell as Charlie and Josh) that have to find heads or tails of a robot invasion of Earth. Robots take over four metropoles – London, Moscow, Paris, and Washington, D.C. and ensure destruction of these places unless the Earth cedes its collected authority to the invading forces. There are a number of bonus features for individuals to properly sink their teeth into. Understanding that The Asylum is not the biggest film house, what may be the most impressive part of The Day The Earth Stopped is the graphics present.

We all know that robots of that type and size do not exist, but the graphics just are gritty and realistic enough for viewers to temporarily suspend their disbelief. The tension that is present in the acting styles of the cast of The Day The Earth Stopped is top-notch, imbuing a sense of danger that permeates every second of film here. This means that there is an insightful featurette into the creation of the film, along with a reel chock full of bloopers that provide a second facet to the actors in The Day The Earth Stopped. Finally, trailers for this and other Asylum productions round off the special features section, ensuring that the 85 minute run time of the film will turn into a two or three hour movie experience. If you like sci-fi and suspense films, then The Day The Earth Stopped is for you.

Whether Josh and Charlie ultimately save the day is something to be seen in the film; purchase The Day The Earth Stopped to see if they do, and then knock through the special features. Kudos have to go out to The Asylum for creating a solid film, one of few in a movie season that has to be one of the weakest on record.

Rating: 8.2/10

The Day The Earth Stopped (DVD) / 2008 The Asylum / 85 Minutes /

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