Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum (80 Proof)

Tommy Bahama is a hell of a brand, storied and well-known through all of the cultured cliques, worldwide. To have a rum receive the honor of being stamped with the Tommy Bahama label is a tremendous honor, and this Barbados spirit does not fail to impress. This clear rum begins with a bouquet that marries a floral scene with a delightful alcohol bite. Ultimately, the Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum will work perfectly as either a rum to be mixed or as a straight shot. My favorite use for the White Sand rum would have to be as an integral part in a rum and Coke.

The distinctive flavor of the Coke is properly highlighted and made all the more complex by the presence of the White Sand rum, making for a fulfilling drink that imbues all the proper warmth and joy in these cold winter months. The spirit, taken on the rocks, is the perfect tonic to rejuvenate or refresh individuals after a long day of work or activity, or even to cap a night off with.

The woody, nature-based hints that are present in the spirit will make for a memorable drink, no matter how individuals ultimately wish to use the spirit. Whether you like rum in the slightest, I would have to push for individuals to at least purchase one bottle of the White Sand just to see exactly what I’ve been on about for the entirety of the review. While we did not have the chance to review the Tommy Bahama Golden Sun at this point, I have no doubt that fans of the White Sand will be able to easily find something to love in the darker spirit.

Rating: 8.1/10

Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum (80 Proof) / Imported by Sidney Frank Importing Company /

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