True Nature – Feels Like Centuries (CD)

“The Color of Daylight” is the first track that I heard by True Nature. The vocals present are a hybrid of individuals like Bryan Adams, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and Chris Isaak. The laid-back approach taken by the instruments allow these vocals to be as smooth and as gentle as a Jack Johnson song, kicking in only to give the track a little grit. The blend of country, alternative rock, and pop make True Nature’s effort on “Feels Like Centuries” something that is completely new, something that has not been heard before. Even if they are coming out of a musical left field, the talent present in the work of each member of the band is enough that I could easily see any of the tracks from “Feels Like Centuries” make it onto a major radio station’s rotation list.

The one act that I do see some common ground with True Nature in would have to be U2: the eclecticism present on “Feels Like Centuries” is cut from the same cloth as “Zoo”-era U2. “Truth I Have To Steel” builds up a pretty rocking set of instrumentation before Lou’s vocals kick in. While still a major part of “Truth”, the instrumentation fades back into the background, creating a back and forth between the vocal and instrumental sides of True Nature that makes for the best possible type of music. True Nature may have tracks that would easily make it onto radio rotation, but there is a little more of a heady element present during the runtime of “Feels Like Centuries”.

There is a more enlightened, more spiritual element that listeners will pick up on that is present seemingly on all tracks during the album, ensuring that there is something powerful, something staying that fans can thus pick up. Where most music does not have any meaning or overarching message, what True Nature does here is give hope and joy to listener s that have undoubtedly been burned out by the angry and vengeful music for the last twenty years. If you want solid music that will leave you happy and ready to face the world, make a trip to a good independent record shop and purchase “Feels Like Centuries”, whenever it may be available.

Top Tracks: My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun, Truth I Have To Steel

Rating: 8.4/10

True Nature – Feels Like Centuries / 2009 Self /

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