Versailles – Broken Dolls (CD)

What Versailles does during the opening of “Broken Dolls” is link together a number of different musical styles, the piano line variously shifting through alternative rock, goth, and even pop as listeners are given a hint as to what the rest of “Broken Dolls” will present. Versailles also makes a play for the minds and hearts of fans of music; there are arrangements and approaches taken that will please fans of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and on. “Wendy’s Razor Blades” is an important track, as it continues with some of the trends first heard during “Legion”, but boldly forges forward in some key areas.

There is a slower, slinkier style to “Wendy’s Razor Blades” that will stick with listeners for weeks after they put this album down. Where “Legion” came forth with a devil may care attitude, Versailles uses finesse to craft a track in “Wendy’s Razor Blades” that could easily make it onto alternative, college, or even pop stations. “Once” marries together a harder rock edge with a symphonic, almost-classical type of vocals into something that resembles (And expands upon) the work of Nightwish and Evanescence. “Broken Dolls” continues this high amount of momentum with “Believe” .

Later tracks on the disc, be they “Speak To Me” or “You’re My Disaster”, continue to put forth the same level of quality that listeners will expect from Versailles. More than that, however, these final few tracks on “Broken Dolls” really will show to listeners that Versailles could take any one of a thousand different directions with their next album. The one thing that listeners are left with is that, with whatever direction the act takes with their next album, something amazing will come forth. If you want to hear an act that can take a great deal from pre-existing genres and create something that is completely new and exciting, make it a point to pick up “Broken Dolls” at your earliest convenience. The 14 cuts here will blow you away, that is for sure.

Top Tracks: Massacre, Broken Dolls

Rating: 8.3/10

Versailles – Broken Dolls / 2008 Self / 14 Tracks /

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