Video Game Collector #1/2

I understand that this mini-issue of the much larger (and still in print) Video Game Collector is a few years old, but this issue should be requested if individuals purchase some back issues of the video game magazine. While it does not have the price guide that normal issues of VG Collector has, the in-depth focus on a number of classic games and retro gaming systems ensure that this magazine packs a serious wallop. Of particular note during this issue has to be the interview with former Atari head Nolan Bushnell, which gives individuals some clue in to the history for one of the biggest video game console producers of the time.

For those fans of Star Wars, a listing and grading of the video games in the series is given, and an in-depth piece is present to show individuals how to properly keep their video games in tip-top condition. While only 16 pages in length, the vibrant color and jam-packed pages ensure that readers will come back to this issue countless times before they give it to a friend or other family member.

Rating: 8.6/10

Video Game Collector #1/2 / 16M / :20 / Free / Summer 2005 /

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