2K Sports MLB Front Office Manager (Xbox 360)

There have been a number of video games that have provided at least some option for players to control and built their own teams throughout virtual years, but no game that I can easily recall has been developed that has as its primary goal this coddling and building of a team. 2K Sports have attempted to do this gargantuan task with MLB Front Office Manager, a next-generation title that will please anyone that likes the planning and heavy reliance on statistics that baseball can provide. As this title has been approved by Major League Baseball, individuals can decide to use current stars, build up their own created roster, or even recreate one’s favorite teams of the past.

There are so many different options and features to MLB Front Office Manager that mastering every facet of the title will prove difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to do even if they have months with the game. Rather than being a purely single player type of game, an individual can pit eir own team against the creations of countless other individuals online, creating a fantasy league that is much more active and interesting than anything that could conceivably be created by online or paper leagues. For those individuals that feel that this title may be a little too heady to properly enjoy, storied baseball GM Billy Beane provides help at all stages of the game to make the task of running a baseball club much easier that it truly is. When everything is all ready and players are ready to trot their teams on the field, 2K Sports have created something incredibly interesting and realistic in their game presentation.

Modeled to be as close to a television broadcast, people that walk by one’s room or apartment and see the game running may confuse it for a real game. Allowing individuals to enjoy their own custom soundtracks seems to be the last jewel in the title’s crown, allowing players to jam out as they build their dynasty through acquisitions, sending players up or down from the minor leagues, and scout out talent from different venues throughout the world. I may not be a micro-managing type of players, but I really found some legs on 2K Sports’ MLB Front Office Manager. If you are a fan of that side of baseball, or of the sport generally, I really feel that you will enjoy this title.

Rating: 8.8/10

2K Sports MLB Front Office Manager (Xbox 360) / 2009 2K Sports / http://www.take2games.com/eula

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