Accomplished Musician Launches Music Licensing Boutique

The words “day job” aren’t generally the mark of success for a musician. Except in the case of artist/composer Gooding, whose day job is reinventing the music licensing industry by bringing high-impact tracks to the world via the online catalog

With a mission to pair perfect music with; film, television, advertising, commercial video, video games, Web sites, branding, or any creative project, Kingdom2 fulfills by cataloging 20 plus years of Gooding’s original scores online making custom-quality tracks one click away for busy and music hungry professionals.

“It isn’t our goal to be the biggest catalog or to mimic work that’s already been done,” said Gooding, founder of Kingdom2. “We set out to develop a full catalog of inspired tracks that range from beat driven urban-anthemic to orchestral and world music. Our clients return for the energy and variety we have created.”

“The other advantage of working with Kingdom2 is that the crew and I know the catalog inside and out,” said Gooding. “When a client calls, they don’t speak to a rep who searches tons of songs they’ve never heard before. I’ve composed every piece in the catalog and we can find the perfect fit for every project immediately.”

And the industry agrees, with more than 100 placements in films/DVD’s including “Walk the Line,” “Bull Durham” and “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift;” television placements in “The Closer,” “Nip/Tuck,” MTV’s “Real World” and “Road Rules;” video games including a national spot for Midway’s “NBA Ballers” and in theatre productions, corporate projects and convention presentations, Kingdom2 music is in demand.

Gooding was raised in the Midwest and attended film school at the University of Kansas where he developed his passion for the convergence of image and sound. The name Kingdom2 is a nod to the 1998 album “Factory Blue” which was performed nationally live against a multimedia backdrop also created by Gooding. Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to be highly prolific “street-testing” tracks while on tour with his band The Angel | Devil.

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