Antonio Montana & Nitro – Threatening Behavior (CD)

Now, why exactly a rapper would need to censor themselves on a review copy of an album is beyond me. The opening track of “Threatening Behavior” is incredibly solid, with the flows present really getting individuals into the disc even at the earliest strains. “Whatz up witcha” does not have all of the fury and fire of the original, but an interesting backing beat and a s till above-average flow allow Antonio Montana & Nitro to glide on effortlessly onto the next track on the disc.

The use of singing to open up “Lets get it popping” really sits a fitting atmosphere for the rest of the track; again, it is the instrumentation that steals the show even when one considers the solid, almost Bone-Thugs style of the flow present on the track. “Getcha head bouncin” is the first track that can be qualified as weak; the arrangement present on the track seems to pull individuals back to the days of early Juvenile and Master P but really does not expound on that general sound. While there seems to be a coherent flow present on the track, there is nothing remotely hook-worthy to bring individuals to pick up the disc. The circus-like atmosphere created by the backing instrumentation on “Who with this sh#t” play a nice parallel to the decidedly grim topic matter that is present on the vast majority of the track.

“Get U Right” , aside from having a middle Eastern sound to it, has a flow that will immediately remind individuals of later-era Eminem (with a Bizarre type of second set of vocals). The fact that Antonio Montana & Nitro do not really expound on that general style really tarnishes the later half of the disc. The style is done well, that is a truth but it has been done before. What had started out in such a solid vein has started to sputter by the beginning of the second half of the disc; the tracks all have some sort of radio-friendly sound to them, but there is little that would really designate this as a hit compared to the thousands of songs that cross a radio programmer’s desk in an average month. These two have talent, but perhaps they can focus more on a single by single basis; if “Represent throw it up” and “Whatz up witcha” were distributed on some mixtapes, there’s no doubt that these two will have a much greater impression on listeners.

Top Tracks: Represent throw it up, Whatz up witcha

Rating: 5.4/10


Antonio Montana & Nitro – Threatening Behavior / 2006 Beat Department / 12 Tracks / / Reviewed 16 February 2006

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