Apologetix – Grace Period (CD)

For those unfamiliar with the band, the Apologetix describe themselves as “”Weird Al” Yankovic meets Billy Graham”. They sent me their prior release “Keep the Change”, which is still one of my favorite CD’s to listen to. With “Grace Period”, their 7th album, they have tightened up their general sound, and made a much stronger disc then “Keep the Change”. The parodies are much more musically faithful to the original, while still having the strong religious current that Apologetix parodies are known to have.

Successfully modifying songs from the last forty years, the Apologetix have ensured that all folks – both young and old – will be able to enjoy them. The first single on the disc, “Smooth Grandmama”, a direct port of the Michael Jackson song “Smooth Criminal”, while by no means the pinnacle of the album, is still an enjoyable listen, and will ensure that the band will have a top twenty hit on their hands. Other strong tracks on the disc include “Cornelius”, a Simon and Garfunkel parody, “Born Above”, a modification of a Bruce Springsteen hit, and “Lemonade”, a take on a popular Styx song. The songs representing the current period are my no means weak. “How You Rewind Me”, “Flurry”, and “Corinthians”, if played alongside their secular counterparts, would inspire a double-take to any listener. If you are looking for a disc of parodies that aren’t offensive, please buy this CD when it comes out in mid-August. Go to http://www.apologetix.com to download clips of their music, and e-mail j@apologetix.com for questions, criticisms, and concerns.

Rating 8.6/10

Apologetix – Grace Period

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