Architects – Revenge (CD)

It is not necessarily that Architects come forth with the catchiest vocals or something that sounds like other music out currently, but the arrangements should be what capture listeners easiest on “Reciprocity”. The guitars that flitter in the background are the true thing to be toasted on the track, even as the bass gives these guitars a run for their money, bashing through in all of their chunky glory. To say that a song like “Widows Walk” is not a complete 180 from “Reciprocity” is to outright lie; this song really shows the beauty of the Architects in creating a track that will be loved by any individual who is into acts like Social Distortion or the Mad Caddies.

The style of “Widows Walk” is moderated, shifted as one will to something that resembles the retro rock of bands like Fu Manchu and Black Mountain in the song “The Badge”. Something that is current in each of Architects first few songs on “Revenge” is that the fury of the band cannot be stifled. The styles of each of the songs might be completely different from each other but the one thing that links them together as essentially brothers to each other is the tendency of Architects to never let things die out quietly. For example, a pop-punk style in the vein of “Blue Room”-era Unwritten Law or Face to Face is the norm during “Grace”, but the bass line pushing the track into a faster realm is what is needed to keep the momentum of the track constant.

This boisterous brand of rock is what is needed for any campus party, and the variety of styles approached on this album by Architects will ensure that individuals will not get tired of the band in the slightest. Brandon’s vocals are perfect for any style that Architects take up during “Revenge”, from the bouncy rock of “Stand” to the more introspective sound of “Don’t Call It A Ghetto”. The only thing that I really could compare this Architects album to is the earliest albums of acts like the Goo Goo Dolls and the Replacements, in that the styles approached by the band is different enough to really allow for wide expanses to be covered in a little over a half-hour. This is burning up the chart at CMJ, so chances are that one has already been exposed to the Architects. One word of advice though is to pick up this album and listen to it all to hear exactly the range of styles that the band is capable of.

Top Tracks: Time To Flip the Record, Grace

Rating: 7.1/10


Architects – Revenge / 2006 Anodyne / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 20 March 2006

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