Arsonists Get All The Girls – Hits From The Bow (CD)

The picture of Arsonists Get All The Girls looks nothing like the style of music that ultimately comes to bear on “Hits From The Bow”. What results is a very Metalocalypse type of style, brutal metal that is bookended by screaming and some of the fastest guitars and drums out there. The great thing about Arsonists Get All The Girls is the fact that they can use very repetitious constructs during their tracks and are able to weave them into a track that uses so many different sounds and styles that one does not feel tired, weary, or cheated by the band in the least. The tracks present may not be radio friendly, but there are hints of styles that are radio-friendly; “This Time You’re Going To Get It Dirty” blends together Korn, System of a Down, and a lot of the other new rock bands into an earlier, Iron Maiden meets Megadeth type of style.

One interesting thing about Arsonists Get All The Girls is the fact that they can create tracks that are longer than the normal runtime for rock tracks. Most of the songs on “Hits From The Bow” top out at slightly over the four minute mark, and yet the band approaches every one of their tracks on this as fast as they humanly can. The guitar work is what is to be noticed during songs like “Scobra Vs. Cupcake”. While many of the riffs during this track are straightforward, there seems to be a ring effect that gives the arrangements further depth.

Arsonists Get All The Girls blend together an earlier rock style with their shrill guitar lines here to give the track even more depth, this line along the rock axis. Throwing together an all-in singalong chorus is the final thing that the band does to capture listeners. Where I thought that Arsonists Get All The Girls would be yet another act that does the screaming brand of metallic hardcore that has plugged up the radio and video airwaves, the type of rock that is ultimately approached by this band is qualitatively different than practically anything else currently out on the market. I have no clue where the band could go with subsequent albums, but “Hits From The Bow” is a solid album that individuals could listen to time and time again without getting bored in the least. Arsonists Get All The Girls are impressive, that is for sure.

Top Tracks: Sinsinatti, Shat Shart Tart

Rating: 7.3/10


Arsonists Get All The Girls – Hits From The Bow / 2006 Process / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 20 October 2006

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