Autocad-Penultimatium (CD)

Autocad-Penultimatium-2000. Electronic music that does not contain many (any?) words. The music, while catchy, becomes repetitive very quickly, as the songs quickly go back to the same beats. This album, created from fractals, sounds as if it is a soundtrack from a mid-90’s video game. Autocad flows from each subgenre of electronic music, from annoying eurodance (Delta Atnos) to an ethereal tune (Our Skies 1). Log rhythm is another song that fits into the repetie song catagory, but it is a lot less abrasive then “Delta Atnos”. No traditional instruments were used on the album, a fact that changes my perspecitive of Autocad. While other artists may opt for this approach, Autocad more or less pulls it off. “Stars 124” is a song that hints at a much darker side of the artist. While it sounds innocent on a casual listen, the beats are in all actuality very dark. The album, as a whole, is very good at soothing the listener with digital waves of sound pounding at the beaches of the brain. And to think that all this music was made with mathematical equations. Ever with all of the more ambient songs, Autocad is able to throw in songs that would be more at home in a dance club than a Vangelis collectors shelf.



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