Blue Dragon Plus (DS)

Blue Dragon, the prequel to Blue Dragon Plus, was a game that really did not receive the acclaim that it deserves. The game itself should have been huge, being designed by a firm that was created by someone intimately familiar with the Final Fantasy games. The storyline for Blue Dragon Plus builds off of the actions that took place in the first game, and by the time players have finished up this title, they will need to scour the shelves for copies of the original title – the sequel is that good. The title itself will be a boon to anyone that loves the grind of building up their characters through fighting, being perhaps the most fight-heavy title I’ve ever played.

The game itself ensures that these fights are not just the typical type of all the good guys fighting all the bad guys, and breaks players’ attention down to the actions of each of the different characters. While some characters will be fighting, other characters can sneak away to further the party’s (or their own) interests. When players do want to go forth and focus on the non-combat aspects of the game, Blue Dragon Plus allows players to put the fight on autopilot while finessing the game’s intricacies with the non-engaged characters. Of particular note has to be the sheer amount of things that can be going on at one time: the game allows for players to take control of a sweet sixteen pack of characters through the different attacks and game-furthering battles that are commonplace with Blue Dragon Plus.

As has been said in some of my prior reviews, I love the fact that the transfer and translation time for Japanese games to be brought over to the North American market has been shortened considerably. There is enough in the way of game play – Ignition tags it at 30 hours, but I found myself edging closer to 40 – to ensure that the game is well worth its price. Here’s to another solid game by Ignition Entertainment, one of many that will undoubtedly mark the 2009 calendar year. Check out sites like Amazon now for exclusive preorders that will only make owning this title all the sweeter.

Rating: 8.8/10

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