Dead Heart Bloom release third EP, “In Chains,” on March 10, 2009!

After releasing two EPs in 2008, Dead Heart Bloom completes their 3 EP series with the release of their latest, In Chains. The series, embracing several styles yet lyrically and conceptually tied together, is released on the band’s own KEI Records.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalsky formed New York City-based Dead Heart Bloom in 2005. The band has garnered a sturdy fan base since then, receiving comparisons to the “eclectic eccentricity of Beck” and the “dramatics of Bowie” from the rock criterati. Reviewers have also named Mark Kozelek, Jeff Buckley and even “Pet Sounds”-era Beach Boys as comparisons.

Earlier in 2008, the band released the first and second of their three EP series, Fall In and Oh Mercy. Rollingstone and CMJ described them as “a sublime combination of dour, druggy vocals and corkscrewing guitars” and “an unusual blend of intentionally unsettling bluesy yet aggressive rock guitar driven” music. Dead Heart Bloom now returns with In Chains, continuing the stylistic experimentation of the series but exploring a softer dimension. In Chains is wrapped in reverbed vocal lines, poignant acoustic phrases, and laid back drum shuffles. The EP is a fitting end to the series: lyrically and musically wistful, settling in a sigh of resignation.

The 2008 EP series follows the eponymous self-titled debut album and elegant, understated Chelsea Diaries (both Shortlist Prize nominees). In Chains was recorded by Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood at the band’s Brooklyn studio and includes performances with drummer John Hadfield and bassist Nathan Goheen and a number of guest musicians.

All three EPs will be available in CD format as well as a free download at

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