Dos Lunas Tequila (Anejo)

We have not had too much of an opportunity to review tequila for our alcohol reviews section, but lucky for us, Dos Lunas tequila sent on over a sample of their Anejo tequila. The bottle is the first thing that really shines about the tequila, which looks (in my opinion) like a lipstick tube. Pull off the burnished-metal top and one has a smooth, woodsy-smelling flavor immediately present. After a few seconds, a more creamy body comes forth.

The 100% Blue Agave used in the creation of this spirit makes for a tequila that is harsh enough to provide a rosy warmth for anyone that sips it straight, and is versatile enough to fit well with countless mixers and mixing spirits. A recent get-together we had at the office had the Dos Lunas rivaling a Don Julio or Patron in terms of popularity; where there were a number of individuals that were shooting the spirit straight, the margueritas made with Dos Lunas were the hit of the night. The price point of the spirit (around $40 for a 750 of the Anejo) is low enough that individuals that have been inculcated with a Jose Cuervo or Toro level of tequila can easily access a much higher (in terms of quality and versatility) spirit. Depending of what type of tequila one prefers, Dos Lunas provides an option – there are Reposado, Silver, and Grande Reserve varietals beyond the Anejo.

While I am not the biggest fan of tequila, the Dos Lunas Anejo was something that I could easily imbibe. Where I have tried a number of different tequilas in the past, there is none of the chemical harshness or intense bite that has been such a commonplace occurrence in other Tequilas. If you are like me and have not had a tequila that you could properly appreciate, give the Dos Lunas a go. There is an everyman flavor present that will make staunch defenders of their own spirit – be it rum, vodka, or the like – into fans of Dos Lunas. In the next few months, we hope to have more coverage of what just may be the best tequila currently being produced.

Rating: 9.0/10

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