I Am The West by Portland-based Lovers, featuring songwriter Carolyn Berk, is set to release on April 28, 2009 on Able Heart Records. Alongside Berk is performance artist and percussionist Kerby Ferris layering keys and beats, and guitarist Emily Kingan supplying the hooks. These three ambitious artists channel the expansive sonic landscape of I Am The West with an engaging interactive performance that strives to leave audiences inspired.

Since 2001 songwriter Carolyn Berk has established her voice under the Lovers moniker with three haunted, heart-broken releases (Starlit Sunken Ship, The Gutter and the Garden, Sleep With Heat). Having gained an underground following for her lyrical bravery and intimate relationship to the listener, in her fourth full-length release, I Am The West, Berk draws from a broad palate of pop textures to transform those tender introspections into room-shaking anthems.

In her current live incarnation, Berk’s aim is clear. With humor and honesty she escorts her audience into the world of her heart.


1. Igloo For Ojos

2. How The Story Ends

3. Let’s Stay Lost

4. Tonight

5. Wrestling Horses

6. I Am What I Don’t Know

7. I Have Been The Moon

8. Imaginary Women

9. Stay Another Night

10. (This Ain’t) The Last Song

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