Miss Jools has mixed the third installment of Mobilee’s ‘Back To Back’ compilation series

The third time is, indeed, always a charm and Back to Back Vol. 3, mobilee’s third installment of the Back to Back compilation series, proves just that!

Back to Back Vol. 3 combines the id, ego and superego of the selected 2008 tracks produced by mobilees, remixed by various other artists and then mixed again by Miss Jools in a 2-disc spectacular: CD1 is an unmixed selection of 2008 mobilee tracks, all handpicked by Miss Jools, while CD2 welcomes a list of her favorite producers to remix their picks of the mobilee pack with an additional Miss Jools spin. Inside, a vivacious mixture of deep house tracks, loopy house tools, and down right funky and groovy tracks can be heard. The evolution of the Back to Back compilation series has greatly transpired since the Vol. 1 mobilee-only in-house remix session by Anja Schneider. GummiHz mixed together around 30 tracks, creating loops, editing mobilee tracks and using various cool tools on Vol. 2 and now Miss Jools has invited talents from the likes of Cassy, Tobias, Nick Curly, Dinky, D’Julz, Efdemin, Christian Burkhardt, Vincenzo, Sven Tasnadi and Solomun, extending the musical preference.

“Each artist that is a part of the compilation has their own unique individual style which I admire and respect in their productions and which also reflects largely what I play in my own DJ sets. This being the reason to bring these artists together and collaborate for the compilation,” said Miss Jools. Miss Jools, aka Berlin-based Julia Porter, has been on the grind ever since she left London and joined the ranks of mobilee in the summer of 2008. And she’s been successfully winnings the hearts of Berlin’s top players in a short time, not to mention, landing the role of the 3rd Back to Back artist. “Following on from Anja and Gummihz’s previous B2Bs was a hard act to follow, but a great challenge for me. Mobilee has achieved so much over the past years, and has such an impressive catalogue of amazing music from all their artists.”

Avid electronic music listeners will be treated to valleys of sounds beyond minimal with hip-twisting tracks like Sebo K’s ‘Diva’, a remix of Pan-Pot’s genius wonder, ‘Charly’ and Miss Jools’ latest track ‘La Luna’ original or remixed, including many others mixed by Miss Jools’ posse. The greatest thing about this compilation is that the work from every mobilee producer from this past year is featured either in original or remixed versions.

– – – – TRACKLISTING – – – –

CD One
01. GummiHz – You And Me feat. Ruxsandra 07:47
02. Marcin Czubala – At The Beach In San Foca 07:06
03. Miss Jools – La Luna 06:51
04. Russ Gabriel – React 07:18
05. Sebo K – Diva 07:32
06. And.Id – Sand On The Floor 07:16
07. Marc Antona – Give Me Flowers 05:18
08. Anja Schneider – Safari 05:38
09. Exercise One – Ceremony 08:04

CD Two – mixed by Miss Jools
01. Anja Schneider – Fish At Night (Sven Tasnadi Remix) 08:50
02. Nhar – Hexoflip (Tobias Remix) 09:41
03. Sebo K – Moved feat. Prosumer (Efdemin Remix) 07:53
04. Anja Schneider – Get Away (Christian Burkhardt Remix) 07:28
05. Sebo K – Diva 06:53 (Nick Curly Remix) 06:53
06. Pan-Pot feat. Hugh Betcha – Charly (Anja Schneider Tex Mex Remix Solomun Edit) 07:53
07. Pan-Pot – Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Marco Resmann Remix) 09:11
08. Pan-Pot – Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Cassy Remix) 10:22
09. Russ Gabriel – React (Dinky Edit) 06:27
10. GummiHz – Los Los (D’Julz Remix) 06:50
11. Pan-Pot feat. Vincenzo – Faces (Vincenzo Remix) 08:09

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