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People have a history of getting hung up on labels. Mention the band Hooray For Earth to folks and they hit you with the question that everyone loves to ask and everyone else hates to answer–“what do they sound like?” Telling people that listening to Hooray For Earth feels like being dragged down a flight of stairs while being sung a lullaby never seems to satisfy them. Another critic once wrote that the band’s music sounds like “Enya and Nirvana breaking things in a video arcade in hell,” which predictably led to more head scratching. The irrefutable evidence will show that a few years, an EP, and a full-length album into their career, Hooray For Earth is a band that plays music that’s as timeless as it is impossible to classify.

Their LP Hooray For Earth was released on the label on January 13th, 2009!

Hooray For Earth

Track Listing

01. Want Want Want
02. How Are You Here
03. Heartbeat
04. Magazines
05. Carefree
06. Oh No
07. So Happy
08. Party
09. Take Care
10. This All Fades
11. Everything We Want
12. Something Strong

Praise for Hooray For Earth:

“Hooray for Earth’s new self-released Hooray for Earth, an outlandishly good CD and one of the best local debuts in recent memory… Picture Squarepusher and Enya collaborating on songs for In Utero.” – Boston Phoenix

Boston’s Hooray for Earth sound big and famous even if they are still relatively unknown. But even if they aren’t a band on a billboard just quite yet, they sure write songs catchy enough to ensure that one day their mugs will grin down on the great asphalt sea of commuters. – Oh My Rockness
“Hooray For Earth plays an exciting blend of raw rock & roll with keyboard and laptop elements that work together and make you say, “Fuck this is good.” And then you like them forever.”
– Weekly Dig

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