NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Dragonica

Ebon Stone Aka Dragonica is proud to present free exclusive music for the general public. Head over to and download all of Dragonica’s music absolute free. Get new music every 2 weeks by joining the mailing list at the site

Producer and loopologist Ebon Stone created Dragonica to bring music that is a psychedelic electronic trip that defies today’s sound. Ebon Stone is taking Dragonica towards a new direction by giving away his productions for free. This bold way to promote his music to the world has taken him to new heights and admiration from fans around the globe. He is currently in the top 40 of the Reverb Nation’s Electronica chart and top 10 in South Florida (zip code 33313). Here are samples of what fans have to say about Dragonica’s sound.

“After listening to Ant War and then this album, I can tell that Ebon is definitely going in the right direction. ”
– CJ Kupcho,

“Ear Candy Soothing funk elctro sound that is perfect for that Saturday (or sunday depending how hard you go)morning recovery session when your body is still cruising and your brain needs some electronic theropy.”
– Sponge Bob,

“damn thats good music…”
– BearBoy,

“if i didnt say it b4 im crzy cuz u guys r da sh#t”
– Hell %$( F N F )$,

“Cool track man, that’s a phat beat! “


“I’m really loving this. I love the fact that the little pictures turn out to be a big mosaic of him. Very creative. I also love the mix of the music with his speech. Very touching…”



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