‘Pop Ambient 2009’ is the latest in the much loved series from Kompakt

The bliss is back (finally). For those that know will have to forgive our delay in bringing this new edition of our beloved Pop Ambient series to the world however we couldn’t be prouder of the contributions we have to offer this year. To the uninitiated, Pop Ambient serves as a very essential arm of the Kompakt family – always curated by Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt (aka GAS, Burger/Ink, etc), Pop Ambient always aims to offer a provocative collection of listening music that has proved for years as a guaranteed means of giving warmth throughout those cold winter months.

One of the most striking things many will find this year’s Pop Ambient are the many new faces compared to the historically familiar roster that has graced previous editions. Leading noise-experimental producer Tim Hecker of Alien8 and Kranky fame joins us with a tremendous contribution that builds wave after wave in textured noise and melody. Boomkat‘s winners of best album of 2008 The Fun Years take loop melody and turn it inside out with an astounding guitar based tune. Pop Ambient 2009 turns to the mighty ipmprint Type and the esteemed producer Sylvain Chauveau with 2 contributions of untreated works from the lovely Nuage full length that straddle his work with a small ensemble and his own piano and guitar performances. Considering the overwhelming response to Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS collection reissue Nah Und Fern (KOMCD66) and the Raster-Noton released book/CD of 2008, it’s fair game he dominates this compilation under the guise as Mint with this deep and somberly moving piece and as well together with longtime production partner Jörg Burger as Burger/Voigt with a GAS-eous remix of Jürgen Paape’s Ausklang and a highly emotive original. Popnoname shows off his diverse talent with a Kraut-y sunscape of majestic measure. Finally, Pop Ambient favorite Klimek in stunning splendor…the horns of heaven ring loud to open the compilation and together with Husak, he brings Pop Ambient 2009 to an end in a majestic roar.

Considering 2008 was such an amazing year for left-field electronic music, we anticipate this year’s change of pace to be welcomed by our loyal fans and open up to new. So… enough words – get comfortable and dive in.


– – – – TRACKLIST – – – –

01 Klimek – True Enemies & False Friends (Yesteryears Suite)
02 Sylvain Chauveau – Nuage III
03 Mint – Hindemith
04 Popnoname – Nightliner
05 Sylvain Chauveau – Fly Like A Horse
06 Jürgen Paape – Ausklang (Burger/Voigt Mix)
07 Marsen Jules – It’s Only Castles Burning
08 Tim Hecker – Shosts In Silver
09 Andrew Thomas – A Dream Of A Spider
10 Burger/Voigt – Frieden
11 The Fun Years – I Am Speaking Through Barbara
12 Klimek And Husak – The Godfather (For William Basinski & Snoop Dog)

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