Tanteo Chocolate Tequila (80 Proof)

This tequila blanco is one of the first tequilas that I have ever tasted that has been flavored. As can be gleaned from the bottle, the varietal of Tanteo that wee are trying is the Tanteo Chocolate. The bottle itself looks hand-blown, with the label having a very homegrown quality to it. Cap it all off with a snazzy seal and a wood-topped cork, and one will be delighted if they receive a bottle of the Tanteo for a birthday or a holiday season. The experience that I had with Tanteo, and with the spicy Agave Loco before that, should tell individuals that the fragrance emanating from a flavored tequila will not necessarily have the best of fragrances.

Where the reviewers in the room were immediately turned off by the smell, an intrepid reviewer braved the bouquet and took down a shot. Luckily for all in the room, what came forth in terms of the actual flavor of the tequila is something that is rich, nutty, with a bit of cocoa and the unmistakable tequila taste. My suggestion for Tanteo Chocolate would have to be to place it into a margarita, spicing up the drink into something that is cutting-edge (and tasty as well). Despite the different flavors and notes that are present in this spirit (which by the way is not diluted at all like so many others in the flavored spirit category are), what results is something that is eminently drinkable, with a unique enough flavor that drinkers of the spirit will not soon forget.

We have some more in the way of reviews set up for the Tanteo line, but if you just have to buy the spirit based on the review, make it a point to pick up their Tropical and Jalapeno flavors, stat.

Rating: 9.0/10

Tanteo Chocolate Tequila (80 Proof) / http://www.tanteotequila.com

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