The Love Boat Season Two Volume One (DVD Set)

This DVD set captured the first half of the second season, which ran through 1978. It also provides the perfect marathon fodder, as taken all together the episodes will keep individuals busy for nearly 12 hours (11 hours, 52 minutes if you want specificity). The only bonus feature that is present is promos (as in promotional videos shown during other commercials) for each of the different episodes; this will provide viewers with some sort of idea about how they differ from current ways to promote a show. Subtitles are fairly typical in terms of selection, allowing individuals to either choose English or Spanish, while the video is fairly sharp coming from over thirty years ago.

The audio is easily comparable to what we as viewers have today, while the packaging of the DVD set itself is utilitarian. The Love Boat ran for a number of seasons after the second (actually, all the way out until 1986), and purchasing this DVD will ensure that Paramount goes forward with subsequent DVD set releases in this vein. While there could be a little more in the way of additional features (some sort of documentary with the former stars), the ability to easily access these episodes at such a low cost (listing at $37 but can be found for around $25-30) is reward enough itself. The Love Boat is one of the few shows that linked together comedy (both straight and romantic) with drama in the short space of only an hour.

The star-power that is present during these 13 episodes is simply fantastic, rivaling shows like Love! American Style. Despite the fact that this DVD set is focused around the second season, individuals that may have been too young to watch the show at the time will easily be able to pop in one of the 4 DVDs in the set and get to watching without having to do research about the aims and motivations of each of the characters. I know it is after Christmas (and the other holidays that make up the season), but The Love Boat Season Two: Volume One is a perfect gift for anyone that was a fan of the show or wants to begin to get into what is truly an American institution.

Rating: 8.3/10

The Love Boat Season Two Volume One / 2009 Paramount /

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