The Loved Ones – Distractions EP (CD)

The Loved Ones may just be the most underrated band in punk rock today. Despite a handful of stellar records including last year’s stand out Build & Burn, paint by number bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore manage to snag magazine covers and stadium tours, while The Loved Ones continue to slog it out on the punk rock club tour circuit.

The Distractions EP, coming in at six songs, may not be the effort that finally brings their music to the masses but it certainly is a decent argument for why these Philly working class Philly rockers should get the chance to be heard by millions more. Coming in at under 20 minutes, Distractions includes three originals and three covers (including one each from Billy Bragg, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros and appropriately enough Bruce Springsteen). The Bragg and Strummer covers are decent enough, but it’s their take on Springsteen’s “Johnny 99” that makes you realize just how tight this band is after just four years together.

Top Track: “Johnny 99”, “Distracted” and “Spy Diddley”

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

The Loved Ones – Distractions (CD) / Fat Wreck Chords / 6 tracks

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