Zyr Vodka (80 Proof)

I know that Zyr has been in the market in selection locations around the United States for the last seven or so years, but I was not privy to it until we received a bottle for review. When one thinks of vodka, the first country that will immediately come to mind is Russia. This spirit is captured in a majestic blue-tinted glass bottle that has a smattering of Cyrillic present throughout. The plastic cork ensures that nothing will change the character of the vodka, and my bottle opened up excitedly, the spirit almost pressurized. The one thing that will immediately become noticeable to potential imbibers of Zyr would have to be the floral notes present in the bouquet.

Where many vodkas have a somewhat medicinal quality to their bouquet (with some particularly distasteful brands brining this flavor to the actual drinking process), Zyr mollifies any of this quality and gives drinkers something new, unique, and exciting at points. The vodka is seen through Russia as one of the best to sip, and I would have to put Zyr at a level of quality that is similar to that of other ultra-premium brands, such as Grey Goose and Alchemia vodka.

While the vodka itself does have a body-warming bite present, it also possesses a versatility that makes its marriage to any mixer, be they juice (Grapefruit, orange) or other spirits (Vermouth) something that was made in heaven. This is undoubtedly due to the tremendous refining process that the spirit goes through: it is filtered 9 times, distilled 5 times, and 3 different taste testings have to be passed before the batch of the spirit will be sent out for common consumption. I have a new favorite vodka on my shelf now, and you should go down to your local liquor store and have an order placed so you can as well – Zyr is the real deal.

Rating: 8.5/10

Zyr Vodka (80 Proof) / Zyr Imports / http://www.zyrvodka.com

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