Bang Gang – Something Wrong (CD)

“Inside” has a very strong vocal presence that blends well with the electronic backing instrumentation. The progression of the lines is similar to that of more classic and neo-classic compositions. Where the instrumentation taken separately might be perfect for a soundtrack, the vocals give Bang Gang enough of a radio-friendly sound that it would not be surprising to hear them on alternative stations across the United States. “Something Wrong” continues this very instrumentally-led sound, but seems to put Bang Gang into the Bjork meets triphop (Propellerhead / Portishead) camp more so than in prior tracks. In many of the tracks on this album, Bang Gang’s vocals take on a more instrumental style. This means, even as the vocals go forth and further the narrative during the track, they are also going forth and furthering the instrumental side of things.

“It’s Alright” moves into a more dreamy sound, and shies away from the rest of the tracks. There are not influences that can easily be linked to the efforts of Bang Gang during this track. By the time that the band gets to “There Was A Whisper”, the style that was dominant during the earlier tracks of the disc returns. While there is still the brooding electronic sound present during this track, there is a little bit of an encroachment of a sixties (female) lounge singer. The instrumentation moves back to the very expansive and full sound present on the earliest registers of the disc, while the vocals take up a more soulful and sultry sound. The result is something that is familiar to individuals that have had a chance to listen to the band, and is still different enough to ensure that Bang Gang has not fallen into a rut.

“Forward and Reverse” seems to be an amalgamation of the more acoustic and electronic styles present during the disc; there are wide-open compositions linking arms with introspective guitar riffs and breathy vocals. Bang Gang is an act that can create something very cohesive and yet different from anything else on the market. Bang Gang establishes something new during their “Something Wrong”, and the presence of stretched-out guitar lines in “Forward and Reverse” just provides a little more evidence in support of that claim. Bang Gang is experimental, changing what listeners expect from a rock act, and is Protean in the sense that they can never be pinned down during their “Something Wrong”. Truly a compelling album at a number of levels.

Top Tracks: Find What You Get, Contradictions

Rating: 7.0/10

Bang Gang – Something Wrong / 2007 From Nowhere / 12 Tracks / / /

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