Bayside – The Walking Wounded (CD)

Bayside has been around for a few years, and “The Walking Wounded” is their latest album. With tracks like “Duality”, Bayside plays a brand of emo music that takes on the sound of mid-nineties Weezer more than any other of their influences. “Duality” allows the band to break free of any shoegazing and actually add a moderate amount of rock to the track, making the song into the band’s first single on “The Walking Wounded”. The title track brings a little Velvet Revolver type guitar work into the beginning segment of the track before adding some 1920s influences (think Panic At The Disco, The Used, or Fall Out Boy recreations of the era).

The band is able to balance well the harder and lighter styles, in order to keep the largest contingent of fans. This allows Bayside to create their own sound in a way that few acts are able to in this day and age. Bayside’s “The Walking Wounded” works on a level that few discs in the here and now can, as tracks can be taken as singles as well as larger parts (when combined with other sections of the disc). Thus, individuals can be happy listening to singles on rock and alternative radio, and they can have a completely different experience by sticking this little of plastic in their player. “They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns” is a track that links together both previously-mentioned tracks, and while it does not seem quite as impressive as either of the aforementioned tracks, it is solid in its own way.

Bayside has grown through the last few years, and while they are not in a position that would allow them to assume a place near the most famous emo acts of the last few years, they will be in a position to do so after their next album. This is if Bayside continues to fix the small issues that are present during “The Walking Wounded” and really put their minds toward creating the perfect mix of catchiness and solid musicianship. Few acts are able to continue refining their sound without running into the problem of running into a rut. Bayside does not run into that problem, as “The Walking Wounded” has a similar sound to their other discs but does not show that the band is at a loss for where they would like to go in the future. If you are a fan at all of Bayside, make sure that this album is picked up in the near future.

Top Tracks: Duality, The Walking Wounded

Rating: 6.3/10


Bayside – The Walking Wounded / 2007 Victory / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 28 March 2007

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